Physical Office Rental

Work-ready Offices are available … hourly, daily, weekly or monthly

The Business District houses attractively decorated, furnished offices designated as Corporate and Enterprise. Rental rates are affordable and are determined by office size and whether occupancy is single, double or triple. Offices are available on FLEXIBLE or FULL TIME rental arrangements. To reserve District offices, call 876-665-3906 or email .

Flexible Office Rental
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • From JM$1,300.00         [US$11.00]    To  JM$1,900.00      [US$16.00]
  • From JM$6,500.00      [US$53.00]    To   JM$9,500.00     [US$78.00]
  • From JM$19,500.00    [US$170.00]  To   JM$28,500.00   [US$240.00]

Full Time Office Rental
  • Monthly**
  • From JM$49,000.00   To    JM$85,000.00

Add 16.5% General Consumption Tax [GCT] to all prices
**1 month Security Deposit is required

Office Rental Packages include:

  1. Furnished air-conditioned office
  2. Receptionist
  3. Telephone answering
  4. Internet access
  5. 24-hour security (IP surveillance)
  6. Beverage service
  7. Utilities
  8. Daily Maintenance
Full Time [Monthly] Rentals also include:
  1. Feature rich desk IP telephone
  2. Unique business telephone number
  3. Business address...22B Old Hope Road, Kingston 5
  4. Mail handling
  5. Facsimile number
  6. Electronic District Access Card